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kathy 2014-004Kathy Milici is a nationally known calligrapher, designer, instructor and mentor. She happily admits to being obsessed with letters since early childhood. Owner of 24 Karat Designs Calligraphy Studio in Newton, New Jersey, her work has been seen in national magazines and on television. A member of the Society of Scribes in New York City and a popular instructor at the IAMPETH annual international calligraphy conference, Kathy teaches both at home and travels the country, lecturing and teaching calligraphy and the related arts. The originator of “Gratitude Script,” a modern typeface, she also mentors fellow artists and art students in how to create a living and maintain a viable business, working as an artist. After 36 years as a professional calligrapher and teacher, Kathy is still enjoying her lifelong passion for “everything calligraphy.”

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Designed with love by Kathy Milici.